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About Retirement Partners of California

We focused on fixing retirement plans before Simon said “Start with Why?”

Years before Simon Sinek spoke about the “Power of Why”, I found my “Why” in employer-sponsored retirement plans like 401k and Defined Benefit Pension Plans. My clients were hard-working businesses trying to retain their employees and their employees trying to save enough for a secure and comfortable retirement. Working alongside them, I found that there were 2 main problems plaguing businesses and American workers when it comes to their retirement plan:

  1. Lack of guidance: All too often, companies and their executives are not given proper guidance and sometimes no guidance on which type of retirement plan to offer, how to design their retirement plan properly, and how to protect the company and executives from the fiduciary liability that comes with sponsoring a 401k. This lack of guidance exposes the company and all plan decision-makers to personal risk. As a result, many employers have underperforming retirement plans with high fees, unnecessary exposure to liability, and sometimes even the wrong retirement plan for their needs.
  2. Inadequate advice: American workers are not given the guidance and advice they need to effectively plan for retirement and given little or no financial wellness education. As a result, a staggering 73% of employees do not feel like they are on the right track to retire[1].

I realized this was the problem in the retirement plan space that I wanted to solve. And I knew we could do better.

Our plan to help businesses and employees is comprised of 3 parts: assemble the most experienced team possible, utilize the best tech and tools, and guide plan sponsors on the best options so they can make a good decision for their company and employees. Let’s take those one at a time:

  • Experienced Team: Our diverse and experienced team is comprised of specialists in employer-sponsored retirement plans. We geek-out on what makes some retirement plans outperform the rest and why some employees achieve retirement readiness and others do not. To improve our value, we continuously pursue industry-specific certifications like AIF, PPC, and CPFA but also spend a lot of time talking with plan participants to learn what is working. We are on a quest to improve retirement plans and the retirement outcomes of the participants. And we do all this with real financial advisors… in real life. While many of our competitors choose to focus on one thing: the fund lineup, we know there’s a lot more to a successful retirement plan so we take a more holistic approach by choosing to focus on you and your employees.
  • Great Tools and Tech: We know the importance of selecting the best technology tools available to help our clients and help us help our clients. Our retirement plan tool suite is not only easy-to-use but also CEFEX-certified *. We want you focused on running your business not spending time on your retirement plan or worrying about burdensome DOL audits.
  • A Clear Process: From annual review to employee education, and from Investment Policy Statement guidance to our investment monitoring process, we have you covered. Our process is streamlined… and that’s CEFEX-certified too!*

We know a good retirement plan is about more than just the list of investment funds. It is about the people and their dreams for a secure and comfortable retirement.

Improving retirement plans is more than just our focus, it is our passion. Welcome to Retirement Partners of California.

Meet The Retirement Partners Family

Retirement Partners of California

Financial advisor 401kErick Arndt, PPC
401k Plan Advisor
Managing Partner
Santa Clarita, CA office

• An advisor since 2003, I come from a family of teachers so I guess that’s in the genes. I know firsthand that great education can empower people to make better life decisions which can help them more effectively pursue their financial and life goals.
• Outside of work, I relish the time with my kids whether that’s exploring national parks or playing board games. To stay fit, I meet up with friends at the gym for strength training and getting my namaste on at yoga class. My joy outside of work consists of remodeling my home, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, and exploring the mountains of California, Colorado and Hawaii.
• I founded Retirement Partners of California to help American businesses and American workers more effectively pursue their goals.

Retirement Partners of Hawaii

certified financial planner hawaiiKen Kaneshiro, CFP
Retirement Plan Advisor
Managing Partner
Honolulu, HI

Mike Tokushige Financial Advisor 401kMike Tokushige
Retirement Plan Advisor
Managing Partner
Honolulu, HI

LPL Retirement Partners

Your Retirement Results Team

The Retirement Results Team is a specialized group of retirement specialists dedicated to educating you on your retirement plan options. Focused on serving your diverse financial needs and concerns, we are available to help you at every stage of your career.

Every retirement specialist on our team is a registered financial advisor with real life experience helping people, just like you, navigate a successful path toward retirement. Our sole focus is to help you pursue your retirement goals.

The bottom line. We take a consultative, educational approach to help plan fiduciaries manage risk, while enhancing investment opportunities and helping participants work towards financial security.

We are proud of our commitment to excellence, and invite you to see for yourself how our services can make a difference in your retirement plan.

401k advisorCharles Serveiss, AIF, CRPS, MS
Internal Consultant

Retirement Plan 401k specialistAsenet Gonzalez CPFA
Internal Consultant

Ted Hageman 401k AdvisorTed Hageman AIF, PPC
VP External Consulting

Bringing Retirement and Financial Wellness Education to Your Employees!

401k education

Here’s Erick after an employee Lunch & Learn in their newly renovated campus. Proper financial guidance is critical to improve the retirement outcomes for employees. That’s our “why”. Let’s discuss an education plan for your employees.

Notes and Disclosures:

[1] 73% of employees don’t feel like they are on track for retirement  https://www.forbes.com/sites/kristinmckenna/2021/04/05/only-27-of-workers-say-theyre-on-track-for-retirement-where-do-you-stand/?sh=44c231802c09

*The LPL Retirement Partners Tool Suite has been certified by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) for Investment Support Services. CEFEX is an independent global assessment and certification organization that works closely with investment fiduciaries and industry experts to provide comprehensive assessment programs that improve risk management for institutional and retail investors. Scope of certification limited to provision of LPL Financial Retirement Partners Tool Suite when used in conjunction with the LPL 12-point scoring methodology. Approval: 05150297