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Fiduciary Issues and Coronavirus: What You Should Know

They may have moved to the figurative back seat for a while, but retirement plan fiduciary issues did not stop during the Coronavirus pandemic. As you sift through what has happened in the last few months, you’ll want to pay... Read More

Ask Erick: Can an Employee Not Sign a 401k Beneficiary Document in Person During Coronavirus?

Q: Hi Erick, one of our workers wants to designate his children, rather than his wife, as beneficiaries of his 401(k) plan accounts. He is required to sign the documents in front of a live witness, but because of COVID-19,... Read More

SECURE Act Changes Loom

Check these items off your to-do list Remember 2019? It was in December of that year (which seems very long ago now) that the SECURE Act was signed into law.  Today, as COVID-19 continues raging around the world, the SECURE... Read More