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Regulatory and Legislation

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan legislation changes and regulatory changes for 401k, Defined Benefit, Pension, Profit Sharing, Cash Balance and all plans governed by ERISA.

How Can Retirement Plan Sponsors Help Employees During Market Turmoil?

Companies can take these 4 steps to help ensure that participants and retirees are not making fear‑driven mistakes, which could jeopardize their retirement.... Read More

Zero In on a Retirement Plan

Whether you’re an employer who wants to help your employees work toward a secure retirement or someone who wants to plan for your own future, this handy guide can help you narrow the focus and zero in on a retirement... Read More

Turning Your Retirement Dream into a Business

Tools and Techniques More than 50% of U.S. small businesses are owned by people 55 and older, according to a Spring 2021 survey by SCORE, a nonprofit that provides resources to small-business owners. If your retirement dream is to turn... Read More

Retirement Plan Sponsor’s Quarterly Calendar – Q3 2022

Here is your Plan Sponsor’s Quarterly Calendar: a great list of tasks to keep in mind during the next three months.... Read More

Ask Erick…Q&A with a 401(k) Advisor “Nonvested Employer Contributions”

During the first quarter of this year we have had a number of employees leave our organization, some of which had nonvested employer contributions.... Read More

In the Driver’s Seat – Prioritizing and Managing Fiduciary Duties

In the spring of 2021, Aon Investments surveyed 12 top carriers for fiduciary liability insurance to better understand how plan management typically impacts pricing for fiduciary liability insurance. ... Read More

The Tax Saver’s Credit

The Savers Credit is in addition to 3 other tax advantages available when saving for retirement:... Read More

Have you had the CalSavers Conversation?

California has recently established its own state-run retirement plan. The plan has been mandated for use by business owners who otherwise do not offer a retirement plan benefit program for their employees, such as a 401(k), SIMPLE IRA or SIMPLE... Read More

Ask Erick…Q&A with a 401(k) Advisor “Protecting Your Plan Audit Files”

We always meant to automate our plan audit files, but somehow we didn’t get around to it. What do we need to know to protect the information we send?... Read More

3 Tips for Planning Your Retirement Income

We all want to retire comfortably someday and live our dream life. But we all know that’s not going to happen by accident, right?... Read More