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401k Plan Fees Dropped in 2022

401k feesReady for some good news? Total 401(k) plan costs declined an average of three basis points in 2022, according to the latest annual edition of the “401k Averages Book” released Wednesday.

This is good news for businesses (and employees!). Oftentimes those plan fees act as a drag on participant accounts. Extra fees go unnoticed for years and the impact to participant accounts can be devastating. These fees subtract from the potential retirement accounts balances that employees need to retire. Many American workers do not have enough saved for a secure retirement.

“We are encouraged to see fees continue to decline for participants in small 401(k) plans,” said Joseph Valletta, author of the “401k Averages Book,” in a news release.

Plan fees include: cost of investments, record-keeping, administration, and trustee costs.

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Did you know: The Department of Labor recommends all businesses review their plan fees every 2-3 years.

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