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Zero In on a Retirement Plan

Whether you’re an employer who wants to help your employees work toward a secure retirement or someone who wants to plan for your own future, this handy guide can help you narrow the focus and zero in on a retirement... Read More

Ask Erick…Q&A with a 401(k) Advisor “Fiduciary Liability Insurance”

Our plan committee is thinking about purchasing fiduciary liability insurance. Is a fidelity bond the same thing as fiduciary liability insurance?... Read More

Can You Avoid The Fiduciary Liability of Your 401(k) with a 3(16)?

Is your 401k advisor meeting with your employees to provide them the advice and guidance they need to pursue their retirement income goals?... Read More

Bridging the Gap Between Plan Sponsors and Their Fiduciary Responsibility

Since 1974 when ERISA was first enacted, plan sponsors have understood the “prudent person”1 rule that they must follow as fiduciaries, and the personal liability they face for losses caused by a breach of that duty.2 Today, new regulations mandating full... Read More

Fiduciary Issues and Coronavirus: What You Should Know

They may have moved to the figurative back seat for a while, but retirement plan fiduciary issues did not stop during the Coronavirus pandemic. As you sift through what has happened in the last few months, you’ll want to pay... Read More

SECURE Act Changes Loom

Check these items off your to-do list Remember 2019? It was in December of that year (which seems very long ago now) that the SECURE Act was signed into law.  Today, as COVID-19 continues raging around the world, the SECURE... Read More