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What’s SO GREAT about having a pension anyway?

Everyone knows someone with a pension. Typically, a police officer, firefighter, or teacher. Having a pension means they will get paid a monthly amount in retirement… guaranteed.... Read More

When it Comes to Old 401(k) Accounts, it Pays to Know your Options

Like most people, you’re likely to change jobs several times during your working life. And you’ll likely have a 401(k) account through your former employer to deal with. Here are the four options for what to do with an old... Read More

Ensure Diversification in your Retirement Account Stock Funds

If you are considering investing in stock funds within your retirement account, here are some ways to help make sure you are well-diversified.... Read More

Erick Arndt named one of Valley 200’s Most Influential Leaders

Erick Arndt was recently given the honor of being named in the Valley 200 Most Influential Leaders by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal!... Read More

The Importance of ESG Investment Options

A new survey offers some key insights into why plan sponsors may want to consider building an investment lineup to meet the growing demand for sustainable options from workplace retirement plan participants. ... Read More

Plan Your Ideal Retirement Income

Many people use the 4% rule to guide their retirement withdrawals once they stop working.... Read More

Attract and Retain Employees with your Retirement Plan

Increasingly, plan sponsors are refreshing their workplace retirement plans to give employees both the opportunity to save more for retirement and the flexibility to use both their personal and employer contributions in innovative ways to manage their financial needs.... Read More

Zero In on a Retirement Plan

Whether you’re an employer who wants to help your employees work toward a secure retirement or someone who wants to plan for your own future, this handy guide can help you narrow the focus and zero in on a retirement... Read More

Retirement Plan Sponsor’s Quarterly Calendar – Q3 2022

Here is your Plan Sponsor’s Quarterly Calendar: a great list of tasks to keep in mind during the next three months.... Read More

Ask Erick…Q&A with a 401(k) Advisor “Nonvested Employer Contributions”

During the first quarter of this year we have had a number of employees leave our organization, some of which had nonvested employer contributions.... Read More